Pink Bow Tie

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Pink Bow Tie by Paul Jennings –Critical Essay

“We are young only once, after that we need an excuse to be…”

Paul Jennings understood this statement very well and based on age and youth, created this brilliant prose, Pink Bow Tie, set in Australia. The title doesn’t seem to link to what this story is based on at all but it has a big part in the plot. We haven’t even began reading the actual prose, yet Paul Jennings has already used a technique in the title. He has made use of juxtaposition. You see a Bow Tie is a very masculine piece of clothing whilst Pink is a very feminine colour so putting these two together, as you would imagine, would sound very strange indeed. Talking of strange, Jennings wrote this prose in the Sci-Fi genre. The happenings of this story are quite odd if you imagined them being carried out at the present time. This prose is written in a back and forth manner, switching and mixing the past and the present tenses, linking to what the story is actually based on; Age and Youth. My objective, in writing this essay, is to show you how Jennings used different techniques and methods to convey his message successfully in this piece of prose.

This prose is about a 14-year-old boy who finds himself in trouble with the school principal, again, who wears a pink bow tie. This time however, he has an extraordinary excuse but he isn’t likely to be believed unless he makes the principal see for himself…

This prose is written in first person; the first person being the boy. Paul Jennings has used the ‘Everyman’ technique so the boy is unnamed. Jennings wrote in first-person because the thoughts of the character are expressed more openly and it gives us a detailed insight of the characters opinions. When the character expresses what he feels, we start to share his feelings sympathetically…

“… I got punished for nothing. Nothing at all.”

That is what most of us would think. you think that you were being blamed on for nothing If this prose was...
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