Ping Sweeps and Port Scans

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  • Published : November 5, 2011
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Ping screening is a device used by people who want to get access to a computer either legally or illegally. Hackers that are trying to gain access to any computers within a company or home will use a Ping sweep to see if any computers are on. Network Administrators and also use a Ping sweep to see which computers are on as well, but for fixing or making adjustments as needed within their network. IP companies also send a Ping sweep which helps them determine if there is a problem between their hub and our internet connection. Port Scans are usually used after a Ping screen has been successful finding a computer that is on. If a “Hacker” is using this device, they are trying to get access to the system to steal or harm the system in some way. Network administrators also use a Port Scan to see what ports are open on which computers to see if there is a security risk within their systems. IP companies will access a port that is open to see if they there is a good internet connection with their internet service. Ping screening can be controlled by uing a proper firewall, and the computer user using common sense. The easiest way to stop a Ping sweep from seeing which computer they can access is to turn it off when not in use if on a network, or disconnect from the internet when it is not needed. A Ping sweep is not the immediate threat, but it can be detected if one is used. The port scan that usually follows a Ping sweep can be an issue if the person trying to get in the computers is doing it illegally. A good firewall can help prevent any unnecessary ports from being opened or can detect a Ping sweep that is occurring within the system. A good firewall can show where the intrusion is coming from, and can give you the determination whether or not you or the Network Administrator will give the rights for that program to access the computer. Many software companies that have security updates usually will ask if they can use an automated update for their...
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