Ping Sweep and Port Scan

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  • Published : August 9, 2011
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Ping Sweeps and Port Scans

The use of computers in this generation has been a necessity. A lot of companies depend on computers to operate their business which is why it is essential to learn the different threats that other people could use to attack their business. New technologies are on the rise these days and the knowledge that people have about computers can be accessed easily on the internet. Different kind of hackers can get access to people’s computers easily with the necessary knowledge and devices. People need to be aware of these kinds of threat and help them by preventing their computers or networks of being hacked. Hackers today uses ping sweeps and port scans to gain access to networks. Learning how ping sweep and port scans are utilized can help us protect ourselves from these hackers.

Ping sweep is a type of network probe or network attack. People uses ping sweep to know if a computer or network exist. Basically, the user ping the computer or network by their IP Address. Once the ping request has been sent, the user should get a reply back from the computer, notifying the user that it is online. If the user did not receive any reply then more likely the computer is down. The ping sweep method can also be used by hackers to know which computers or networks are available, so they can plan their attack. According to Lawrence Theo, (Networks Probes Explained: Understanding Port Scans and Ping Sweeps), “fping is a tool that can be used for conducting ping sweeps”. “Unlike normal ping, fping sends one ping packet to one IP address, and then proceeds immediately to the next IP address.” Learning ping sweep and how it can be used is essential to protect our information.

Port scan is another type of network probe. It is considered the most common method of network probing which is used by intruders to gain access to computers and discover what kind of services are running in the computer. There are different types of scans that an intruder can...
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