Ping Pong Club

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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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Ping Pong Club: The often overlooked

Let’s talk about table tennis. Known as “ping pong” among the infidels, table tennis is often overlooked as a boring, slow paced “activity”. Yuck, that’s what irks us diehard table tennis players the most. It’s not an ACTIVITY! Knitting is an activity, studying is an activity; ping-pong is a SPORT. You don’t think a little, white, bouncing ball is exciting? Well think again. One match between Larry Zhang and Alec Evans will disprove that notion in a jiffy. There is so much involved in the sport of table tennis that those, whom table tennis players don as “commoners”, don’t understand. Spin, speed, height, and accuracy: all things a proper player must think about when hitting a shot. I can tell you from first hand experience that it’s not easy shoving a spike down your opponent’s throat. It requires a perfect amount of spin and just the right amount of power to make that sweet shot in the corner. Let me tell you, nothing feels better than making your opponent worried for his safety during a ping-pong match. Mainly, there are 2 ways to play ping-pong effectively: using spin and using power. For example, Aditya Agashe, the feared power spiker from the east utilizes speed in his shots to destroy his opponent while Arun Job favors a gentler shot, producing spin on the ball making it bounce in all sorts of crazy directions. Both these things make it so that your opponent has the hardest time possible hitting the ball back. Every once in a while, you encounter a weird ping-pong player, one who utilizes simple consistency to win a match, like Joe Saulsbury. He won’t hit it hard, and he won’t spin the ball. He’ll simply outlast you until you make a mistake. I believe everyone should take the opportunity to at least try ping-pong. The rules are simple enough; games to either 11 or 21 points switching the serve every 2 or 5 points. So come out and try your hand at this “slow paced, boring, ACTIVITY” and we’ll show...