Pineapple Rind as Chipboard

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Chapter 1
The Problem

Pineapple (Ananas cosmosus) is a tropical fruit which grows in countries which are situated in the tropical and sub-tropical regions. It is native to Central and South America.
Pineapple is an important food which can be eaten fresh or eaten in a processed form. It is composed of nutrients which are good for human health. This is due to researches carried out on the relationship between nutrients in pineapple and human health. Processing pineapple in industries can leave a lot of waste which can cause serious environmental problems. Researches have been carried out recently to counteract this problem (food science, 2012).

Pineapple waste is a by-product of the pineapple processing industry and it consists of residual pulp, peels and skin. These wastes can cause environmental pollution problems if not utilized. Recently there are investigations/studies carried out on how to utilize these wastes. Pineapple peel is rich in cellulose, hemicelluloses and other carbohydrates. Ensilaging of pineapple peels produces methane which can be used as a biogas. Anaerobic digestion takes place and the digested slurry may find further application as animal, poultry and fish feeds (Rani & Nand (2004) as cited in food science, 2012).

In the Philippines, the fermented pulp is made into a popular sweetmeat called nata de pina. The pineapple does not lend itself well to freezing, as it tends to develop off flavors. (Morton, 1987). Davao is one of the top producers of pineapple in Asia. Davao Pineapple are bright orange in color and not the usual pale yellow. They are small but sweet, and are exported in countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Middle East, and and New Zealand. (davaocitybybattad, 2011). Malls, groceries, public markets and even side walk vendors are selling pineapple as food throwing the rind as waste. Paper whether produced in the modern factory or by the most careful, delicate hand methods, is made up of...
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