Pine Valley Case Study

Topics: Software Requirements Specification, Computer security, Functional specification Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: June 19, 2011
Case Study: Pine Valley Furniture

a) Locate a technical writing article on the Web. Briefly summarize this article. For technical writers who haven't had the experience of designing software requirements specifications (SRSs, also known as software functional specifications or system specifications) templates or even writing SRSs, they might assume that being given the opportunity to do so is either a reward or punishment for something they did (or failed to do) on a previous project. Actually, SRSs are ideal projects for technical writers to be involved with because they lay out the foundation for the development of a new product and for the types of user documentation and media that will be required later in the project development life cycle. It also doesn't hurt that you'd be playing a visible role in contributing to the success of the project. b) Which installation options are available for the Customer Tracking System? Which would you recommend? In my opinion the options available for the Customer Tracking System are Single location installation and direct installation. I would recommend using the direct installation which means changing over from the old information system to a new one by turning off the old system when the new one is turned on. c) How can you determine if implementation has been successful? Although determining whether an implementation has been successful can be done in a number of ways, the two most common and trusted are the extent to which the system is used and the user’s satisfaction with the system. d) What conditions are necessary for a successful implementation effort? In the implementation phase, the organization configures and enables system security features, tests the functionality of these features, installs or implements the system, and obtains a formal authorization to operate the system. Design reviews and system tests should be performed before placing the system into operation to ensure that...
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