Pills Bury Case

Topics: Marketing, Marketing research, Market research Pages: 4 (935 words) Published: October 3, 2011
Analysis of Case


Name : Omair Ahmed
Class : MBA – 3
ERP ID : 03445
Course : Advanced & Applied Business Research
Submitted to: Dr. Huma Amir Samir

Executive Summary
General Mills is actually headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is also the world’s sixth largest food-product manufacturer. It composed of three different segments i.e. US Retail, International & Food Service. GMCC is the second largest division within the international segment and it operated independently from its US parent. Nothing captures the essence of this wholesome activity better than baking. It is a safe haven. It nourishes the body and soul. It is creative and enriching. In short, it is an ideal access point for those in search of stability and comfort. And the one product that epitomizes the uplifting spirit of baking is cookies. Cookies are especially enabling because they are made for sharing and giving. In this case the marketing manager of GMCC (General Mills Canada Corporation) Mr. Guillen is facing the problem regarding the volume growth in the segment of RBG. His main concern was that as the refrigerated cookie sector is the most profitable within the category and in contrast to market volume of USA it’s not in line. The Canadian Pillsbury ready baked goods cookie line is experiencing less than stellar performance , and the marketing manager is under pressure to make strategic decisions that will help turn around the segment. The marketing manager engages the help of the consumer insight team to conduct market research studies that will shed light on consumers and their attitudes, behaviours and preferences towards the product. As RBG is the fourth one in the category so the refrigerated-cookie product line representing 62 % of RBG unit sales is more focused by the manager. It’s also of core importance since the entire category performance is somewhat based on the performance of cookie segment. Refrigerated Baked cookies...
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