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Topics: Endoscopy, Capsule endoscopy, Gastroenterology Pages: 38 (12602 words) Published: March 6, 2013

The aim of technology is to make products in a large scale for cheaper prices andincreased quality. The current technologies have attained a part of it, but themanufacturing technology is at macro level. The future lies in manufacturing productright from the molecular level. Research in this direction started way back in eighties. At that time manufacturing at molecular and atomic level was laughed about.But due toadvent of nanotechnology we have realized it to a certain level. One such productmanufactured is PILL CAMERA, which is used for the treatment of cancer, ulcer andanemia. It has made revolution in the field of medicine. At that time manufacturing atmolecular and atomic level was laughed .But due to advent of nanotechnology wehave realized it to a certain level. One such product manufactured is PILL CAMERA,which is used for the treatment of cancer, ulcer and anemia. It has made revolution inthe field of medicine.This tiny capsule can pass through our body, without causing any harm .It takes picturesof our intestine and transmits the same to the receiver of the Computer analysis of ourdigestive system. This process can help in tracking any kind of disease related todigestive system. Also we have discussed the drawbacks of PILL CAMERA and howthese drawbacks can be overcome using Grain sized motor and bi-directional wirelesstelemetry capsule .Besides this we have reviewed the process of manufacturing productsSome other important applications are also discussed along with their potential impactson various fields. We have made great progress in manufacturing products. Lookingback from where we stand now, we started from flint knives and stone tools andreached the stage where we make such tools with more precision than ever.If you have ever had to endure medical testing like a lower GI to give the doctor an ideaof what is going on in your intestines, you know that it is a truly terrible experience.Now, let’s all cheer as such uncomfortable testing may never be needed again.



We have made great progress in manufacturing products. Looking back from where westandnow, we started from flint knives and stone tools and reached the stage where wemake such tools with more precision than ever. The leap in technology is great but it isnotgoing to stop here. With our present technology we manufacture products by casting,milling, grinding, chipping and the likes. With these technologies we have made morethings at a lower cost and greater precision than ever before. In the manufacture of theseproducts we have been arranging atoms in great thundering statistical herds. All of usknow manufactured products are made from atoms. The properties of those productsdepend on how those atoms are arranged. If we rearrange atoms in dirt, water and air weget grass. The next step in manufacturing technology is to manufacture products atmolecular level. The technology used to achieve manufacturing at molecular level is“NANOTECHNOLOGY”. Nanotechnology is the creation of useful materials, devicesand system through manipulation of such miniscule matter (nanometer).Nanotechnologydeals with objects measured in nanometers. Nanometer can be visualized as billionth ofa meter or millionth of a millimeter or it is 1/80000 width of human hair.Thesetechnologies we have made more things at a lower cost and greater precision thanbefore.Trillions of assemblers will be needed to develop products in a viable time frame.Inorder to create enough assemblers to build consumer goods, some machine’s calledexplicators will be developed using self-replication process, will be programmed to buildmore assemblers. Self-replication is a process in which devices whose diameters are ofatomic scales, on the order of nanometers, create copies of themselves. For of self-replication to take place in a constructive manner, three conditions must be met. Once swallowed, an electric current flowing through the UW endoscope causes the...
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