Pili de-Shelling Machine(Unfinished)

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Chapter 1
Our country is tropical in nature and because of this, planting pili trees become a suitable ground to grow considering the condition of soil, warm temperatures and well distributed rainfall. Specifically, the Bicol region has these kind characteristics of climates which mean that the region can produce and processes higher quantity of pili nuts.

Pili are one of the economically important trees that deserve attention not only from farmers but also from our government. According to Hamilton (2008) pili nut has the potential to become a major nut crop so it needs an improvement and attention especially in terms of vegetative propagation, ecological and cultural requirements of pili as a commercial crop and also for the mechanization for commercial processing. Moreover, the current status of the pili is equivalent to the macadamia that is why pili nut has a great potential to develop into a major industry.

Removing pili kernel on its shell is one problem that farmers encounter in producing high quality of kernel. Manual operation using bolo is time consuming and sometimes it cannot guarantee to produce high quality kernel because this method can damage essential parts of a kernel. As time goes by, there are many machines that have been invented in order to help people to make their work easier. There are even machines that were invented for pili shelling however, none of these have the quality of being economically friendly especially to the small-scale farmers who are working in the Philippines. This idea gives the researchers a motivation to develop a machine that can produce more and high quality pili kernel at low cost, easy to operate and practical for small-scale farmers and sellers.

The machine that proposes by the researchers is based on the theory of Isaac Newton which is the law of motion. In this theory it says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction that’s why the researchers use a weighted block as the source of force so that it can crack the pili shell. The researchers was also designed the special tray that is suitable to sizes of pili which is ranging of 4 to 7 cm long, 2.3 to 3.8 cm in diameter. This special tray has also blade at the bottom and upper part so that it can assure to crack the pili shell when the weighted block was dropped. This machine also composed of other parts like rope, pulley and stopper.

The purpose of pili de-shelling machine especially to the small scale farmers and sellers is to produce pili kernel without using fuel or electricity to operate the machine. As of now the world was suffering to the decreasing source of energy especially fuel, that’s why we need to think another solution to do the same work without consuming a fuel. Pili de-shelling machine was designed in order to help small scale farmers but also the world especially our nature to control the decreasing source of energy.

Statement of the Problem
This project aims to help pili farmers and sellers in their de-shelling operation of pili nuts. The purpose of this study is to develop a pili de-shelling machine that can produce good quality pili kernels with easy operation, it could be economical and in a short period of time.

The study will be conducted to determine the efficiency and probably economic viability of the proposed fabricated pili de-shelling machine in comparison with other existing pili crackers. Specifically, this will answer the following questions:

1. What is the property of pili de-shelling machine in terms of: a. cracking capacity;
b. kernel recovery; and
c. gender friendliness
2. What is the economic viability of the pili de-shelling machine in comparison with the other existing pili crackers? 3. What possible improvement can be adopted to enhance the capability of the proposed pili de-shelling machine?

Assumption of the Study
This study was anchored on the following assumptions:
1. The fabricated...
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