Pilgrim Fathers

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Pilgrim Fathers
The pilgrim fathers where different to other colonists because when they arrived in America they did not explore the land. The pilgrim fathers stayed at the beach, set up camp and survived badly. The pilgrim fathers where extremely religious. They would not sing any song or do any dance because it distracted their memory when they talked to god. The pilgrim fathers where ordinary people with ordinary jobs such as a black smith or farmers. When the pilgrim fathers travelled to America they had a lot of problems. They travelled with about 20 people on a very small boat. This made many people sick. The boat was so cramped that 2 men died and a baby was born! On the journey they didn’t have any materials with them so they could not do anything to fix the boat. They struggled heavily. It took them 65 days to travel across the ocean and land in America. They arrived on January the 4th 1920. It was extremely cold where they stayed. When the pilgrim fathers met Squanto it was like meeting god for them. This is because Squanto was fluent at English and he knew how to survive. Squanto taught the pilgrim fathers how to fish herring, how to plant corn his way and how to survive the winter. The Indians respected the land and shared it with everyone. No one owned any piece of land. However, the English wanted to trade land and keep it for themselves. The Indians did not like this because they considered their land as a god. The native Americans (Indians), taught the English to eat pumpkin pie and corn. This was very strange for the English because it wasn’t part of their usual diet. This is remembered on the 25th of November in America. They call it ‘thanks giving’. Trystan Davies 8D
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