Piknik Shoestring Snacks: Marketing Plan

Topics: Marketing, Potato, Revenue Pages: 17 (5230 words) Published: September 30, 2012

1.0 Executive Summary

This marketing plan aims to reach the ultimate dream as the leading brand in producing potato snacks in the imported snack market. It seeks to generate a significant increase in company sales and profits over the preceding year. The biggest competitor of Pik-Nik at present is the Pringles, followed by Frito Lay with many brands of products which include: Lays, Doritos, and Funyuns, and Oishi, the local competitor brand. However, Pik-Nik is consistently growing in the last six years and sales growth is still a healthy two-digit percentage. Pik-Nik targets the customers mainly in the age range from eighteen to twenty five who are fun loving and adventurous but careful in the consequences of their actions in the future. By developing a snack brand with high price, high quality, modern flavors and the slogan enjoy the the fun with Pik-Nik, we aim to be the product quality leader in the Philippine market by the end of year 2015. In the short-tem view, its objectives are exceeding the market share to 30%, increasing the revenues to Php 198M and expand the market to other big cities. Marketing plays a pivotal role in the continuing domination of the company among the different snack foods available in the market. Pik-Nik needs to maintain its different promotional strategies which includes local and international advertising in the different media forms which includes television, website, radio and billboards Likewise , through this plan loyalty on the brands of the company among the costumers needs to be strengthened . This can be achieved through product innovation based on the needs of the market . This of course spells costumers satisfaction. The company boasts a health and wellness ' program through is carefully developed products . It is able to answer to the different health concerns of the buying public . The company is committed on providing snacks which are great tasting and have different nutritional content . It makes use only of the best ingredients in the market . For its shoestrings products, it makes use of a patented Pik-Nik potatoes . The manufacture of its ingredients are carefully monitored and managed by the company to ensure the highest standard of harvest. The biggest issue at present is that Pik-Nik has totally no online presence where target market is penetrating the medium. So, to increase brand awareness, to strengthen market position and to achieve market share and revenues objectives, Pik-Nik is going to implement these strategies: •Product:

oIntroduce more flavors after carefully research the market taste to get more shelf space and attract more attention of the customers. oOffer an extra small canister size (30grams) to attract brand switchers •Promotion:

oThrough research and innovation, the company will introduce the new official facebook fan page to create wall posts for interactive online communications. oLaunch a big advertising campaign starting in June with TV ads, online internet, sponsorship and public events and posters. oProvide customers with sample food at crowded places such as supermarket, cinemas, and entertainment parks. oDesign a Pik-Nik tour for the students to visit the factories. •Market development

oExpand the market to rural areas and direct selling to small scale enterprises like Sari-Sari Stores. oDistibuting the products in different local stores which we allow discount and trade allowances to promote the products during promotional activities associated with the slogan Enjoy the Fun with Pik-Nik.

1.0Situation Analysis
2.1Market Summary
Target Markets
Pik-nik Potato Fries is considered as one of the best sellers in the imported snack market in the Philippines. The primary buyers are young, trendy teenagers, transitioning into the adult life (aged 18-25). They are gregarious, fun-loving and adventurous who always seek for new trends, independent and dynamic, habitually eating at...
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