Pigman Book Report

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  • Published : September 30, 2005
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I read The Pigman by Paul Zindel. The setting of this story takes place in the Franklin High School.It is in the time period of when ten dollars was a lot of money, and you can buy a six pack of beer for a dollar twenty five.the Narrator is 3rd person. The title realates to the story because Mr. Pignati collected figurine piugs that his diceased wife gave to him.

Mr. Pignati is a protagonist. John Conlan and Lorraine Jensen are antagonists. John is white and a sophomore is H.S. He is very outspoken and has been a trouble maker most of his life. A born leader and a humorous person, John could charm any woman with his exceptional good looks. He is six feet tall with long brown hair and bright blue eyes. He is a heavy smoker and drinks excessively. John's best friend is Lorrain who is also a sophomore in H.S. She is white and kind of chubby. Lorraine has a serious personality but is very kind. She is not daring like John and does not like taking risks. The external conflict in this story is between John, Lorraine, and Mr Pignatti. Mr pignatti is very nice to john and Lorraine from the moment he meets them. He gives them everything they can dream of including love, but they never really thanked him for it. Instead they wrecked his house and his most beloved possesion.

There are many minor conflicts that keep the story interesting. Two very important ones are betweenJohn and his parents and Lorraine and her mother. Both of the childrens parents are verbally abusive and dont show any love or respect for John and Lorraine. They treat Mr Pignatti without respect because they dont know any better. There is also a conflict between John and Lorraine in the story. They start to argue near the end of the story about whether they should keep the key to Mr Pignatti's house. Even though Mr. Pignatti gives the key to them, lorraine doesn't think they should keep it. Their different personalites begin to tear them apart. The climatic point of the story is when Mr...
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