Topics: Death, Thing, Old age Pages: 4 (1022 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Now Lorraine can blame all the other things on me, but she was the one who picked out the Pigman's phone number. If you ask me, I think he would have died anyway. Maybe we speeded things up a little, but you really can't say we murdered him. Not murdered him. (ch 1, pg 13)

In fact, if Lorraine felt like saying one of us murdered Mr. Pignati, she should have blamed Norton. He's the one who finally caused all the trouble. (ch 1, pg 14)

Everything that happened from then on [after they visit Mr. Pignati in the hospital] Lorraine blames me for, and maybe she's right. (ch 14, pg 121)

Finally I managed to lift my head and saw Mr. Pignati at the door. He was just standing there looking down at me, and there was no smile on his face. No smile at all. That's when I passed out. (ch 13 pg 114)

“In fact, the thing Lorraine and I liked best about the Pigman was that he didn’t go around saying we were cards or jazzy or cool or hip. He said we were delightful . . .” (ch 2, pg 24)

“Baboons. Baboons. They build their own cages, we could almost hear Mr. Pignati whisper, as he took his children with him.” (ch 15, pg 149)

“But I gave up all that kid stuff now that I’m a sophomore. The only thing I do now that is faintly criminal is write on desks.” (ch 1, pg. 3)

"Would you like a glass of wine?" Mr. Pignati offered, straightening up a few things in the living room. It was great how happy he was to see us. I can't remember Bore, or my mother either for that matter, ever looking happy to see me, let alone when I came into the house with a friend. (ch 7, pg 56) John is trying to understand his and Lorraine's role in Mr. Pignati's death. He seems undecided about their degree of responsibility

If Norton's actions were the final, most immediate cause of Mr. Pignati's final illness and death, does this mean that only Norton is responsible?

John still stops short of accepting full responsibility for the disaster of the party and its effect on Mr. Pignati...
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