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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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This weekend, I had the chance to watch “Pieta” by the Korean director Kim Ki-Duk. It is a story about a solitary man (Lee Gang-Do) who grew up as an orphan and works under a loan shark, enforcing those who have borrowed money. When those are unable to pay for shocking interest payments, Gang-Do enforces them to cut their own bodies in order to collect the insurance money from it. However, this all changes when a woman appears in his life claiming to be his mother. In order to prove so, he makes her eat his own flesh, and eventually, she does it. This leads to their time together, in which Gang-Do becomes attached to this woman, feeling the motherly love he has never felt before; as we see in the movie, he has no friends. Then, there’s a turning point in which his mom disappears; after this scene we see Gang-Do desperate to find his mother while this woman grieves for his son. By his son I mean the son who had committed suicide because he didn’t have enough money to pay all his loans, knowing that he will have to sacrifice one of his body parts. This is the turning point in which the story unravels: the woman who had been claiming to be Gang-Do’s mom was getting revenge on Gang-Do for the death of his son by making Gang-Do to be attached to her for the love he has never had. This becomes even more meaningful when she suicides and Gang-Do actually finds out that she was never his mother, he cannot accept the fact that this wasn’t his real mother so he grieves for her and commits suicide after visiting all his “victims.”

After the movie, I reflected on the title of the movie “Pieta.” At first, I only thought about the fact that the mother was having revenge on the one that had led to the death of his son. Later on, I realized some specific symbolisms; first, a cross from a church brightens the morning across Gang-do’s room, the mom’s hair looks similar to the hair Virgin Mary wears, the mom uses a silk red skirt and a green scarf which relates to the...