Pid for Inventory Managment System

Topics: Project management, Risk management, Critical path method Pages: 15 (3701 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Inventory Management is a widely known discipline that deals with the identification and tracking of Information Services hardware and software assets. Inventory management is concerned with acquisition, redeployment and termination (Bronack, 2012. p. 1). An e-commerce as enacted is an online information system that works on a b2b concept for business transaction and sales of products. E-commerce is a commonly associated with e-business that describes business activities such as buying and selling of goods and services using technology. But e-commerce is more than just conducting online transactions, it’s also involves a wide range of associated activities, including logistics and after-sales support (Hardcastle, 2008, pp. 21) The e-commerce this research hopes to purport is an online retail store which the authors of this research has been projected to do for an e-commerce store for the display of products which are available in the retail store over the internet. E – Commerce is primarily concerned with speed, connectivity, exchange of goods and services as well as the sharing of information. (Javalgi and Ramsey, 2001). The research, that will be conducted goes to discuss about how the project team is going to conduct and carry out the implementation of an online retail store which will able to allow customers to query the database and view current stocks that are available for products held by the retail store. By the implementation of this system the daily business transaction of the E-commerce store will be done over an internet protocol. This will enable the business owner to be able to handle the day to day business transaction that will be gained by its retail store and process them accordingly all for the purpose of earning more profit and maximizing customer satisfaction. Keywords: E-commerce, information system, project initiation document, work breakdown structure, customer relationship management. INTRODUCTION

E - Commerce came into existence around the 90’s after it was found that the internet can be used for business purposes, ever since the invention of E- commerce there hasn’t been any looking back due to the fact that many businesses/organizations have been making use of E- commerce for trading purposes. In the early stages of E – commerce, it made use of various types of technologies such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Electronic Funds Transfer for commercial transactions with the help of these technologies users were able to exchange business information and perform transactions in an electronic platform. According to Gilbert (2004), commercial activities were not made on the internet until spring of 1994, moreover the first recorded secure online retail transaction only took place in August 1994 this was due to the regulations of the United States National Science Foundation. As the internet became popular among people there were developments of more security protocols such as HTTP and DSL which allowed users to access the internet in a quick and relentless way. Wenyu and Chou (2002), classified e-commerce by the nature of business transactions, namely business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer, consumer to- business, and intra organizational e-commerce. Among these, B2B and B2C are arguably the more popular areas.

The company giving this project is Nauk Sdn Bhd which was established in the year 1988. The first operation of the company was located in Klang area of Malaysia. Within the next decade Nauk Sdn Bhd. expanded its business operations throughout in Selangor, Sarawak and Sabah area of Malaysia. Currently the company deals with providing integrated range of activities relating to providing e-payment for automobile parts. The company undergoing this project is Pclevers L.L.C, this is a Professional Project Management services in...
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