Picture Book Analysis Essay

Topics: Mind, Caldecott Medal, Thought Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: July 22, 2008
Picture Books Importance on a Child’s Development
Ever analyzed a picture book before? The colors, shapes, and underlying message on every inch of the page create a story. A story that makes your brain tick and contemplate what exactly you’re looking at. These things are significant to the constant development of a human being, but the specifically to a child.

When I was young I would drown my floor with Dr. Seuss and books that gave excitement to me just by holding them. I loved looking at the pictures, the endless rhymes, and magical color schemes because I had no other outlet than books to reach in a grab my attention the way they could. That’s why picture books are almost a necessity to a child’s development. The type of development your brain reaches for to stimulate your thoughts or imagination while interacting it with the authors. You begin to place the meaning of words along with the pictures, similar to putting the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together. For some this puzzle comes easier to them than others, but by placing A to B or B to C with one another you can become familiar with your first glimpse of education.

I looked over the book Free Fall by David Wiesner. He created a picture book describing a little boy falling asleep after reading and the dreams he had. The little boy saw a vast array of images that normally wouldn’t be in the world around us, like giant spoons or doves emerging from broken armor and even references to other works of literature such as Gulliver’s Travels. His intentions to describe how a young mind works even during the state of sleep, is a good example of how a brain is at constant exertion. In this story you fly on the pages of books and travel to far away places with strange creatures, people, and color hues. Here I am a college student and I find myself very interested and wanting to see more. So, imagine how much of an impact you could make on someone as young as a kindergartener. Their minds are seemingly untainted...
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