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You never see it coming you only see it go

It was just a regular day, nothing unusual or out of the norm. The only special thing happening today was Ronnie's birthday. She finally reached her 17th birthday, she has been waiting for this day for years. When she was about 10 she told her self that when she is 17 she will be able to do anything she wants, she will have a boyfriend and be very popular in high school. Wishing is fun and all but its nothing compared to reality. When the day finally came she wasn't disappointed at all, actually her life was nothing as she expected seven years ago but it was darn right better than she wanted it to be. She may not be the wealthiest girl or popular in any way but she sure has a good life. Her and her boyfriend Peter love each other more than anything else in this world and their favorite thing to do together is taking trips. They have known each other their whole lives, at least the most important part, high school. For Ronnie high school is not that big of a deal, she likes the people around her to the extent where she says hello and then moves on and does her own thing. Peter on the other hand hates school, he is beyond his knowledge level which puts him above everyone else in school. Its a small school, about 400 hundred girls and 450 hundred boys. Its a small town, unlike me who has moved from New York when i was 10, everyone here grew up together.
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