Topics: Chocolate, Cadbury plc, Cadbury Dairy Milk Pages: 67 (13400 words) Published: March 27, 2011
Marketing Project on

Re-launch Strategy of Cadbury’s Picnic
Project Guide: Prof. Kuldip Kawatra

Project by

Mr. Heemanish Midde
Roll No.: 220

2007 - 2009 Xavier Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai Mumbai University


“A Study of Indian Chocolate Industry & Re-Launch Strategy for Cadbury’s Picnic in India” is a sweet CHOCOLATE story of chocolates in the hot and humid plains of INDIA, which enlightens us about the size & status of chocolate industry in India. The project gives information about the competitors, their market share, and their product basket and highlights success features. The project also covers a brief study of Cadbury’s India Limited – the biggest player in the Indian Chocolate Industry with reference to its presence, market share, product offerings, marketing strategies, strengths & weaknesses, success factors and Worm Controversy Management. Also, the implication of pricing, distribution strategies and impact of external environment has been recorded. The project throws light on one of the Cadbury’s product (Cadbury’s picnic) which failed in India market. Gives an overview of the reasons for the failure and try to give a promotion strategy as to how Cadbury can re-launch the product. This project aims at understanding the overall Chocolate Industry in India, various factors affecting the growth and success of chocolate industry in India, the challenges and opportunities which the market offers and the changing trends in the Indian Chocolate Industry. The project also covers a brief study of Cadbury’s India with reference to above points. Apart from that, the project also gives a detailed study on Cadbury’s Picnic - A product that failed in The Indian market and gives a marketing strategy for re-launching the product in the India.


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. INDIAN CHOCOLATE INDUSTRY 1.1. Overview 1.2. Marketing of chocolates in India 1.3. Problems & challenges in Indian chocolate industry 1.4. External factors affecting growth of chocolate industry in India 1.5. Growth opportunities in Indian chocolate industry 1.6. Strategies for growth & success in India 1.7. Market size (by value & by volume) 1.8. Major players 2. CADBURY’S IN INDIA 2.1. Cadbury’s overview 2.2. History of Cadbury 2.3. Cadbury’s India limited 2.4. Objectives and values 2.5. Vision 2.6. Business 2.7. SWOT analysis of Cadburys 2.8. Product mix - chocolates 2.9. Product innovations 3. STRATEGIES OF CADBURY’S 3.1. Cadbury's creative launch 3.2. Pricing 3.3. Volume led growth strategy 3.4. Price woes 3.5. Distribution 3.6. Promotion 3.7. Re-inventing Cadbury 3.8. Cadbury advertisements 3.9. Cadbury and the worm controversy 3.10. Cadbury’s fight-back 3.11. The big ‘b’ factor 3.12. Cadbury’s singing sweetly again 3.13. Success factors of Cadbury’s India limited 3

4. CADBURY PICNIC 4.1. Background 4.2. Cadbury picnic: an appeal to the five senses 5. MARKET SURVEY 5.1. Objective of the study 5.2. Collection and analysis of data 5.3. Research methodology 6. DATA FINDINGS AND ANALYSIS 6.1. Data analysis for consumers 6.2. Data analysis of retailers 7. RECOMMENDATION 7.1. Reasons for failure 7.2. Proposed re-launch of picnic 7.3. STP analysis 7.4. Marketing mix: 7.5. Proposed advertisements for Cadbury’s picnic 8. CONCLUSION ANNEXURES BIBLIOGRAPHY


Chocolate consumption in India is extremely low. Cadbury dominates the chocolate market with about 70% market share. Nestle has emerged as a significant competitor with about 20% market share. Key competition in the chocolate segment is from co-operative owned Amul and Campco, besides a host of unorganized sector players. There exists a large unorganized market in the confectionery segment too. Leading national players are Parry's, Ravalgaon, Candico and Nutrine. MNC's like Cadbury, Nestle, Perfetti, are recent entrants in the sugar confectionery market. Other competing brands such as...
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