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The best choice I made when I was younger

When I was about to graduate from high school in 2007, I had a lot of questions on my mind. One of the main questions I had was, should I start college at an early age in my life, or should I just wait awhile before I rush into getting my masters. A lot of my friends never went straight into college after high school and hence I thought to myself, I don’t want to be in their position. Starting college has a lot of benefits.

One such benefit after leaving out of high school, and going into college early is one gets the feeling of still in work mood and ready to do new and explore more work at a different level. If a person was to wait before getting into college right after high school he or she might find it overwhelming and starts to get very frustrated. Leaving high school and going straight into college, will let a person not spend their mother or father, college money they had put down for them. Having talk about money, a lot of young college student don’t have to worry about, how the bills are going to be paid or what amount they might have to spend on food items this month.

Starting off college will not make a person feel lazy; he or she will not be procrastinating. Instead that person would have class work, home work, group work and assignments to be doing. When attending college right after high school, the student brain is young and fresh, and is able to retain the work that has been taught, and is more able to process the lesson that is being thought. Unlike a student that has been out of school for years he or she will have to be getting their heads back into the game. Starting off college early will help in securing a better future. Having started college a student is secure of getting a job without trouble and keeping that job as well. Another reason for starting college would be to, having a better life style. Better lifestyle would be in terms of building confidence, when building confidence...
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