Piano Types

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For a long period of time, playing the piano has become very popular because it can help pianists to express their feelings through songs and also transfer those emotions to people around them. It is the most popular instrument, and it can play most popular types of music from classical to jazz, pop, or blues. People play the piano as a leisure activity. It is not too much to say that more and more people want to learn to play the piano than any other instrument. There have been many types of pianos throughout their history of development. However, pianos can be classified into three main types, grand pianos, upright pianos, and digital pianos; we can distinguish the types of the pianos through their designs and playing venues.

The first type is the grand piano, also known as the horizontal piano. This type has a very beautiful and luxurious design. It has a long harp with very long strings. The sounding board is wide and produces a deep and rich sound. The grand piano is the largest piano. There are many sizes of the grand piano; for example, the concert grand is 7–10 feet long, the parlor grand or boudoir grand is 6–7 feet long, and the smaller baby grand is 5 feet long. The grand piano is played in large and formal venues. Professional pianists often choose it for their performances in symphonies or concerts. It is also used as a luxurious ornament for rich pianists’ houses. If someone has a big place, a hundred thousand dollars, and an intense passion, he should have a piano like this.

The second one is the upright piano, also called the vertical piano. It is called a vertical piano because of their height and the position of the strings which are placed perpendicularly to the keyboard and parallel to the wall. Unlike the luxury of the grand piano, the upright piano is called “the piano for the people”. It was designed for people who want to enjoy playing the piano but don’t have enough space and money for a grand piano. There are different kinds...
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