Piano Lesson

Topics: Family, Going-to future, English grammar Pages: 1 (444 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Brenda aint gonna sell that piano"

Boy Willie feels as if the piano time is up. Boy Willie says "Sutter's brother selling the land.he say he gonna sell it to me. Thats why I come up here. I got one part of it. Sell them watermelon and get me another part. Get Berniece to sell that piano and I'll have the third part", he already has his plan for what he wants to do with the money that he gets if the piano were to be sold. He wants to buy land, But Doaker is explaining to Boy Willie that no matter how much talking or convincing he does, Brenda isnt going to sell it. That piano is their family history. Doaker says "You know she wont touch that piano. I aint ever known her to touch it since Mama Ola died. Thats over seven years now. She say it got blood on it," Berniece see the importance of this piano and this piano cant be sold because its removing something that is and will always be a significant part of their Heritage. Berniece serves as the antagonist for much of the play, standing in the Boy Willie's way as he tries to sell the family's historic piano. She tells her brother, "Money can't buy what that piano cost. You can't sell your soul for money. It won't go with the buyer. It'll shrivel and shrink". She feels that it is almost sacred to sell the piano, since so much of their family history is wrapped up in it. Berniece and Boy Willie's father, Boy Charles, even lost his life over the piano. Boy Willie tells his sister that she is wasting the legacy that their father left them, and sees selling it for the land they once were enslaved on as honoring their father's memory.

What makes Berniece's stance on not selling the piano slightly ironic is the fact that she does her best to forget the family history. If it's it so important to preserve that past, then why won't she tell her daughter, Maretha, the family history? Berniece argues that she doesn't want to burden Maretha with the past, but is that really just an excuse to hide from it herself? Berniece...
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