Piaget's Conservation

Topics: Theory of cognitive development, Jean Piaget, Neo-Piagetian theories of cognitive development Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: October 18, 2010

Piaget’s Conservation Task Experiment

In my experiment I chose to do the water glasses. I gave the test to my little brother and sister. My sister is eleven and my brother is nine. I also gave it to my next door neighbor’s kids and one is five and the other one is two. The results of the experiment were that the older kids guessed right and they were harder to trick and both the little kids got the test wrong.

I think that Piaget’s Theory is fairly accurate based on my experiment because the younger kids based it off what they saw and understood the concept that I asked them to do. Which is how he described children of this age to be like. They clearly understood the question. The five year old understood the question I was asking her but she didn’t understand the concept of volume yet. The two year old had a hard time concentrating. He understood the basics but had a harder time then the five year old had.

The kids who were at the concrete operational stage age in Piaget’s Theory, began to understand conservation and master it by the end of the stage. This was proven when I tested my brother and sister. When I tested my nine year old brother he had knowledge of conservation but was almost tricked when I changed volume of the glasses. He seemed a little confused and asked me to do it over again because he was not sure at the moment of what the right answer might be.

My eleven year old sister was supposed to have conservation mastered according to Piaget’s Theory and when I asked her the question “which glass had more water” she quickly answered both times that it was the same. So in the example of the older kids, it proves Piaget’s Theory to be a valid one. Piaget’s Theory explains the development and understanding of a little child’s mind as they grow, they slowly begin to comprehend the reality and complexity of their world.

In conclusion, based on the information that I gathered from my experiment, my opinion of...
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