Pia Internship

Topics: Air traffic control, Radar, VHF omnidirectional range Pages: 11 (2858 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Jinnah International Airport, Karachi

Pakistan International Airlines


Table of Contents
Executive Summary3
HF Communication:5
VHF Communication:5
Emergency locator transmitter (ELT)6
Automatic telecommand Portable (ATP)6
Automatic survivor (AS)6
Automatic Direction Finder (ADF)7
Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)8
Low Range Radio Altimeter9
Weather RADAR10
Air Traffic Control (ATC)10
Distance Measurement Equipment DME11
Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)12
In-Flight Entertainment (IFE)13
VHF Omni Range (VOR)13
Information Landing System (ILS)14

Executive Summary

This is a report about the internship at the Engineering Department of PIA (Pakistan International Airlines). The purpose of the internship was to introduce the telecommunication systems that are used in aircrafts. These systems include HF and VHF communication Systems, GPWS, ELTs (emergency locator transmitter), ADF (automatic direction finder), CVR (cockpit voice recorder), Weather radar, ATC (air traffic controller), LRRA (low arrange radio Altimeter), DME (distance measurement equipment), TCAS (traffic collision avoidance system), IFE (interactive flight equipment), VOR (VHF Omni Range), ILS (Information Landing System). This Internship was basically study of PIA aircrafts specially Boeing-777 and Boeing-310.


The journey of our internship started on the very first day we were given the Security pass to enter in the engineering section. PIA has the workshops in many fields of engineering but as a telecom-engineering student we were initially sent to the RADIO overhaul section of PIA Engineering Department. RADIO overhaul workshop is place where all Communication equipment of aircraft are repaired and maintained. There were about 20 engineers working in that RADIO over haul. Everyone has fixed responsibilities. The engineers working there were very much competent. They were working on the components of following systems used in the aircrafts.

HF and VHF communication

ELTs (Emergency locator transmitter)

ADF (Automatic direction finder)

CVR (Cockpit voice recorder)

LRRA (Low arrange radio Altimeter)

Weather RADAR

ATC (Air traffic control)

DME (Distance measurement equipment)

TCAS (Traffic collision avoidance system)

IFE (In Flight Entertainment)

VOR (VHF Omni range)

ILS (Information Landing System)


Our journey was started with HF and VHF communication Section and we were given the knowledge about the communication systems that the Aircraft uses for voice communication in the HF and VHF band. HF Communication:

It is used for long distant communication. It uses sky wave propagation. The power requirement of HF transceivers is (100-200) but 120 is recommended. In PIA aircrafts 2 HF transceivers are used. At a time 1 will work because of Single HF Antenna. VHF Communication:

It is used for communication up to 150 miles. it is mostly used at the time of Take-off and landing . The power requirement of VHF transceivers is (18-28) but 22 watt is recommended. In PIA aircrafts 3 VHF transceivers are used. 3 can be Used Simultaneously

Emergency locator transmitter (ELT)

Emergency locator transmitter is used by aircraft to point out the flight when any emergency occur. There are two types of ELT:

Automatic telecommand Portable (ATP)

ATP is a transmitter placed in Airplane and is used to locate the emergency. It is activated when a heavy jerk accrue in height of flight. When a rapid change is detected in height of flight this transmitter transmit a signal to the satellite, so that the emergency can be located. It...
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