Physiology and Homeostasis

Topics: Physiology, Cortisol, Blood sugar Pages: 2 (367 words) Published: October 29, 2012
starr, C., Evers, C., starr, L. (2008) Biology Concepts and Applications (8th ed.).

Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole Nelson Education, Ltd.

Cecie Starr, Christine A. Evers & Lisa Starr are published author at Brooks/Cole Biology. they has written this text book for students and Instructors who are interested in biology's connection to real life. In this units, starr, Evers, Starr explain how the stress can interfare the human temperature, this is called Homeostasis. also the authors make a brief introduction about the ability of the body to maintain a balance on the environment and effect that stress cause toward energy, sugar, pressure and sleep. this information was useful for our research paper and support specific facts, definitions, mechanisms that we were then able to investigate further.

in most cases stress is the root cause of death. the human homeostasis play a significant role because it has the ability to physiologically regulate its inner environment to ensure its stability in response to fluctuations from the stress. unquestionably the liver, the kidneys, and the brain help our body to maintain homeostasis with 98.6 % normal temperature. for example, when you’re placed in an alarming situation, your body often responds by releasing hormones notably, a hormone called epinephrine, or adrenaline. Adrenaline, which is released by the adrenal glands, increases the amount of oxygen and glucose available to the brain and muscles. The heart rate increases, the pupils dilate, and blood sugar is increased. That’s one way that stress affects homeostasis and giving way to death a person if it doesn't react immediately when our body are in risks. there are three systems which are controlled by homeostasis are the respiratory, cardiovascular, and muscular systems.

Homeostasis is an important fundamental characteristic of all living systems. In the human body, homeostasis is used to balance out all the functions for a healthy living. “Your body...
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