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Physiologic Value of Food

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Physiologic Value of Food

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Organic compounds
* Protein
* Lipids
* Carbohydrates
* Vitamins
Inorganic elements
* Water
* Minerals
Vit & min
* Act as a catalysts which prompt the 3 major nutrients –carbohydrates , protein,fats METABOLISM
* “Metabolismos”-to change or alter
* Chemical process of transforming foods into complex tissue elements and of transforming complex body substance into simpler ones, along with the production of heat energy * Is the totality of the chemical processes in the body in which substance are change in other substance to sustain life. Energy

* I the force of power that enables the body to do its work * Chemical energy locked in foodstuffs by reason of the chemical process. ENERGY FROM FOODS
Kcal/ kilogram calorie
* Unit of energy
* Standard unit in measuring heat
* Unit of measurement for the energy that the body gets from food. * Buy product when carb, pro and fats oxidize from the body * 1kcal-heat energy required to raise the temp of 1 kg of H20 1 degree centigrade. Fuel factor of carb=4 calories/gram

Fat= 9cal/g
Protein=4 cal/g
Bomb calorimeter
* Device used to measure total calorie/energy content available from food. * Measured in kilocalories
* 1000calories=1 kcal
* Measure of energy in metric system
* 1cal/kcal= 4.184joule/kilojoules
Fyi: 1 cup of milk
12g carb=48kcal
8 gram protein=32kcal
10 gms fats=90 kcal
Total=170 kcal
* Measure of the energy needed by the body at rest for all its internal chemical activities. * Aprx. 1 cal/kg of body weight
* Minimum amt of the body needed to
* Respiration
* Cellular metabolism
* Circulation
* Glandular act
* Maintenance ng temp
BMR- rate of basal metabolism in person at
given time and place
condition necessary for BMR test
1. Must be in fasting 12 hrs after...

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