Physio Ex 7

Topics: Asthma, Lung, Spirometry Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Review Sheet Results 7-1
1.What additional skeletal muscles are utilized in an ERV activity? In food expiration, abdominal wall muscles and the internal intercostal muscles contract. 2. What was the FEV1 (%) at the initial radius of 5.00 mm?

3. What happened to the FEV1 (%) as the radius of the airways decreased? FEV1% decreased as the airway radius was decreased.
4. Explain why the results from the experiment suggest that there is an obstructive, rather than a restrictive, pulmonary problem. The FEV1% decreased proportionally as the radius decreased.
Review Sheet Results 7-2
5. What lung values changed (from those of the normal patient) in the spirogram when the patient with emphysema was selected? Why did these values change as they did? 6. Which of these two parameters changed more for the patient with emphysema, the FVC or the FEV1? 7. How is having an acute asthma attack similar to having emphysema? How is it different? 8. Describe the effect that the inhaler medication had on the asthmatic patient. 9. How much of an increase in FEV1 do you think is required for it to be considered significantly improved by the medication? 10. With moderate aerobic exercise, which changed more from normal breathing, the ERV or the IRV? 11. Compare the breathing rates during normal breathing, moderate exercise, and heavy exercise. Review Sheet Results 7-3

12. What effect does the addition of surfactant have on the airflow? How well did the results compare with your prediction? 13. Why does surfactant affect airflow in this manner?
14. What effect did opening the valve have on the left lung? Why does this happen? 15. What effect on the collapsed lung in the left side of the glass bell jar did you observe when you closed the valve
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