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Topics: Sports equipment, Pole vault, 2009 in athletics Pages: 4 (1221 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Physics can be related to sports and fitness on many different levels. When you lift weights, play sports or even buy athletic equipment you probably don’t know how much physics was really put into any of it. Weightlifter’s need to know which workout is better. Also the equipment athletes use relate to physics. Manufactures design equipment for athletes, which involve physics. The manufactures need to think about what will make the object better and what materials will cause the equipment to work to its max potential. Athletes need to know, how fast they need to run to get to a certain height. All of these have something in common, fitness/sports and physics.

Weightlifting is a session used to maintain body strength and to build muscle. Weightlifting relates to physics because weight trainers need to know which is appropriate for a certain workout. I believe that with free weights one needs to have more balance. With weightlifting machines they already have the gravity and everything needed so there is not much balance that one would need. When one is using a weightlifting machine, it helps them to focus on a couple muscles rather then many muscles when using free weights. The Shoulder Press is a weightlifting machine used only to work out the deltoids with pulleys and forces used upon its self, it lets ones only focus be the deltoids. Also, another reason weightlifting relates to physics is, the effects that can happen to a person when they are weightlifting with machines. Although easier to work with than free weights, weightlifting machines produce inertia effects that can double the force experienced by a user. Muscles and ligaments can be damaged by this sort of inertia-generated overload. To avoid injuries, coaches and therapists prefer that resistance remain constant throughout the range of a user's movements; Conventional

weightlifting machines use pulleys and stacked weights, clutches, shock absorbers, or rubber tension...
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