Physics: Rechargeable Battery and Manila Cathedral School

Topics: Rechargeable battery, Cadmium, Recyclable materials Pages: 12 (3499 words) Published: January 7, 2013
batteries LAST LONGER??)


In our community today each one of us are using batteries. Batteries are used for our portable electronic equipments such as watches, cameras, calculators, radios, cellular phones, flashlights, computers, remote controls and many more. Some of the T.V. advertisements are suggesting different brands of batteries like Tiger, Eveready, Energizer, and Duracell. In this project we need to determine what brand of battery that last longer than any batteries that is suggested by others. We will also try to determine in this project if the power of the battery affect the cost of it.  While making a basic electric circuit, we will test different battery that is longer to use than to other batteries. During this experiment we will learn about electricity and technical differences among different batteries. Our presentation will include an actual test device that we will make. We will also learn about the structure of a battery and how it produces electricity. We will compare other samples of batteries that are available in the market. We will measure the amount of time what batteries has the shortest time to be use


This project helps us to determine what batteries are long lasting so that we can use it for our practical purposes. We will determine if the cost of the battery has an effect to its power. Because batteries today is very useful in our society, every materials or any electric equipments that we always use in our daily life needs a battery for energy so that we can use it well. If the battery is not good but it’s too expensive automatic we will not use it because it so very unfair for us. We will make our own basic electric circuit so that we can test it all in the same time. In making this project we will learn about electricity and technical differences of the batteries. In this project we can also to determine how temperature affected the discharge time of the battery. We also want to know in this experiment what is the longer lasting between normal disposable batteries and rechargeable batteries. Some of our grandma or grandpa is putting the batteries inside the refrigerator. The reasons why they are doing it because they want to save the power of the battery. We can just prove it if they are wrong or not if we perform this experiment further.

1.1 Background of the study
Our projects will prove us what battery will be long lasting among all batteries. The testing of battery will help us to know what battery is very useful in our daily life. There is so many batteries have been advertised but we don’t know if it’s really long lasting and if it’s helpful in our daily life.

There are a number of different batteries out there to choose from. As far as which one really lasts the longest, it would come down to what you are using the battery for. After all, different electronics will use power faster than others. However, no matter which battery you choose, you will always find that the rechargeable battery will last longer than any other battery around. After all, it can be used over and over again.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
The purpose of this research is find out what battery will be last longer among all the batteries. It can help us to find out what battery will be more practical to use. There is so many batteries are being advertised but no one knows what battery is good for us. While making this research all questions running in our mind about battery life will be answer in the end.

1.3 Significance of the study
The importance of this project is to find out what battery is last longer and more useful to us especially in emergency time. Instead of using batteries that is not practical to use we will know what battery is more practical to us. We will know if the price of the battery can affect to it’s quality.

1.4 Scope and Limitations
This research paper will be conducted by the 1st group of...
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