Physics Potential Dividers

Topics: Resistor, Ohm's law, Voltage divider Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: April 23, 2013
In this investigation I am investigating how the temperature affects voltage and resistance with the potential divider. Resistance is affected by the potential difference and current in a circuit, as they are used to calculate resistance in a circuit. The higher the potential difference and the lower the current means higher resistance. Resistance (ohms/W)= Potential Difference (v) / current (amps/A)

What is potential dividers?
A potential divider is a simple circuit that includes resistors, thermistors or LDR’s (light dependant resistor) to supply a variable potential difference. They can be used in many ways such as; controlling the temperature in a freezer, used as audio volume controls or monitor charges to light a room. Two resistors divide up their potential difference of the available potential difference that the two resistors get and depend on their resistance value.

Voltage in= potential difference supplied by the cell
Voltage out= potential difference across the resistor
Resistor 1= resistance of the resistor (R1)
Resistor 2= resistance of the resistor (R2)

In order to make the experiment fair we must consider all the factors the only factor we thought of that could affect the experiment is temperature. Temperature- this would affect the experiment because if we didn’t use ice the thermometer would pick up the room temperature and would not make our results as accurate. We started with ice so that we can get a range of results. Also the room temperature could change every time we did the experiment. So using ice increases the accuracy and reproducibility.
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