Physics Measurement of Length

Topics: Measurement, Vernier scale, Orders of magnitude Pages: 4 (1026 words) Published: February 21, 2013

Physics is the scientific study of matter and energy and how they interact with each other. Physics utilizes the scientific formula to test hypothesis and calculate matter such as density. Tools were created to measure material in a laboratory and have been perfected to reduce error. In this experiment measurement of length, mass, volume and density will be obtained through instruments of measuring and calculations. The objects being measured will be two cylinders, one brass the other iron and a glass ball. There will be two sets of table requiring data obtained from the objects including height, diameter, volume, mass and density. Objective

In this laboratory experiment, the following objectives will be achieved: (i) Determination of diameters and lengths of the two metal cylinders and the copper wire (ii) Determination of mass of same

(iii) Computation of densities of the cylinders and comparison with the acceptable values.

Materials used


1. Triple- beam balance2. Vernier Caliper
3. Micrometer4. Electronic balance (to measure mass of copper wire)
5. A ruler (inches and centimeters)6. Graduated Cylinder
7. A roll of copper wire.8.Wire Cutter
9. Irregular object (lead, zinc, etc)
10. Three cylindrically shaped metals (brass, iron, aluminum, steel, tin, zinc, etc) Functions of the equiptment
In order to obtain precise measurements, complex equipments should be used .Take precaution in multiple trials to decrease errors. One of the instruments that will be used is the vernier caliper, a vernier helps in reading millimeter of the fractional part of the scale. This is designed to take external linear dimensions, by contact between two opposing sides. With less accuracy, it also measure internal dimensions, depths, bumps, among other. The next instrument being used is the micrometer caliper is...
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