Physics Lab Report

Topics: Acceleration, Kinematics, Velocity Pages: 4 (1161 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Determine the acceleration in a quick sprint.
What would the participant’s acceleration be if he/she sprints forward in a positive direction? Hypothesis/Prediction
When a person sprints forward, it means he/she speeds up. Consequently, the acceleration should be positive. When the velocity accelerates at a constant rate, the acceleration should remain constant. Therefore, if the participant is moving toward a positive direction and the speed increases, then the acceleration should be positive and constant. Materials

* Ticker Tape Machine
* Ticker Tape
* Tape
* Ruler
* Pencil
* Graph paper
* Carbon paper
* A piece of Ticker Tape and a Ticker Tape machine were taken. * Ticker Tape machine was plugged in.
* One side of the Ticker Tape was attached to the back of a participant. * The other side of the Ticker Tape was inserted through the Ticker Tape machine. * A piece of carbon paper was placed on top of the Ticker Tape and was pinned on the machine. * The machine was started.

* The participant sprinted forward.
* The machine was stopped.
* The used Ticker Tape was collected.
* The machine was unplugged.
* Using a ruler, a pencil and the Ticker Tape, all the data were recorded on a Data Table. * Using the Data Table the position versus time graph and the velocity (instantaneous) versus time graph were plotted.

There were in total of 37 dots recorded on the piece of the Ticker Tape. Every sixth dots represented the 1/60th of one second. Because of the lack of the information, as shown on the Data Table, every third dots were used to expand the amount of data for the more accurate results. Thus, every third dots were used to represent the half of 0.1 second. Therefore, on both of the position versus time and velocity (instantaneous) versus time graphs, the x-axis value (the time value) went up by 0.05 seconds.

On the position versus time graph, a...
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