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Aim: To find the mass in grams (m) of a paperclip.

1. Using a piece of string, the external circumference(C) of the small test tube was found and was then used to find A , the cross sectional area of the small test tube A=C24π . 2. The beaker was placed under the test tube after it was clamped on the retort stand to collect excess water. The large test tube was filled with water. After which, the small test tube which had a fitted scale was placed inside to float, ensuring that the water in the large test tube overflowed slightly. 3. The level of the water meniscus was read and recorded from the fitted scale inside the smaller test tube as L0 while it was empty. 4. A paperclip was added to the small test tube and the scale value of the water meniscus was recorded as L, and the number of paperclips was recorded as N. 5. Step 4 was repeated 6 times for a total of 7 readings which were tabulated. 6. Steps 3-5 were repeated and the results were also tabulated as L and N. 7. A graph of L vs. N was plotted in order to fine the gradient (G). 8. Using the formula G=mρA , the value of m as the mass of 1 paperclip was found where the density of water (ρ) is 1.0gcm-3.

N(number of paperclips)| L (cm)| Average|
| L1| L2| |
0| 7.6| 7.6| 7.6|
1| 8.3| 8.2| 8.3|
2| 8.3| 8.7| 8.5|
3| 9.3| 9.3| 9.3|
4| 9.8| 9.9| 9.9|
5| 10.3| 10.3| 10.3|
6| 10.8| 10.8| 10.8|

Scale reading of water level for empty test tube: 7.6 cm
External circumference of test tube: 5.6cm

Gradient: y2-y1x2-x1

* While filling the large test tube with water, there were a few air bubbles that did not come off of the walls of the glass until the paperclips were dropped into the small test tube which caused them to raise and made extra water fall which lead to inaccurate results. * When the...
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