Physics in Daily Life

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SEC Syllabus (2012): Physics



SEC 24



SEC Syllabus (2012): Physics

Physics SEC 24 Syllabus

Available in September (Paper I and Paper IIB only) Paper 1 (2 hrs) + Paper 2 (2 hrs) + laboratory reports

Course Objectives
As a result of following a course in Physics, candidates should acquire: Knowledge and understanding recall facts and ideas; show an understanding of facts, terminology, principles and concepts; use units correctly; demonstrate an understanding of the application of Physics in everyday life; understand that scientific concepts are developed within a contemporary and historical context; recognise the importance of the work of key scientists; understand the outcomes of the applications of science. use Physics principles and concepts to describe and explain everyday situations; interpret data presented in tables, diagrams or graphs; carry out relevant calculations; apply principles and concepts to unfamiliar situations. plan and carry out investigations; use safe and accurate practical techniques; record data accurately; interpret data and draw conclusions; communicate the data in a clear and accurate manner. recognise alternative points of views; evaluate the implications of science and how it affects the quality of one’s life, that of others and the quality of the environment; use their knowledge and understanding to make informed choices.

The syllabus is designed to develop the candidates’ understanding of the nature of scientific ideas and activity through the acquisition of a systematic body of scientific knowledge and an appreciation of its power and limitations. The scientific method is to be presented as a method of inquiry in a way that stimulates curiosity and interest. As far as possible, an investigative approach should be followed. Every opportunity should be taken to expose the students to the applications of Physics to technology and environmental issues. Wherever possible the subject content should be presented within a contemporary context relevant to the lives of students and within a historical context which illustrates how the scientific ideas were developed and the scientists who developed them.

To emphasize the importance of the process of scientific investigation as a means of solving problems in every day life; To contribute to the pupils’ general education by helping to make sense of the physical environment through scientific inquiry; To provide the basis for further study of the subject; To develop experimental and investigative abilities; To develop the skills necessary to find solutions to scientific problems; To understand that scientific ideas are developed within a contemporary and historical context. To develop positive attitudes towards Physics, Science and the environment.

Application of knowledge through problem solving

Experimental skills

Positive attitudes


SEC Syllabus (2012): Physics

Content The examination will consist of two written papers of two hours’ duration each and an assessment of practical work. The questions will be set in English and must be answered in English. Consists of a written paper, comprising about 10 compulsory short questions to be answered in the spaces provided in the examination booklet, and a practical component. This paper is to be taken by ALL candidates registered for the examination. There will be two versions of Paper II; Paper IIA or Paper IIB. Questions in Paper IIA will be more difficult than those in Paper I. Questions in Paper IIB will be less difficult than those in Paper I.

Test questions

Paper IIA or Paper IIB will consist of five compulsory questions, two of which will test experimental skills. The papers will cover the whole syllabus and will test the candidates’ abilities according to the following scheme: Ability Knowledge and Understanding Problem Solving Design and Planning of experiments Practical...
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