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Topics: Mass, Force, Kilogram Pages: 3 (556 words) Published: October 26, 2011
Research question: How does the mass of a muffin cup affect the velocity of the muffin cup? Variables:
The mass of a muffin cup, grams [g], m
The time it takes for the muffin cup to reach the floor, seconds [s], t Controlled
Air resistance, Newton [N], FA
Distance of releasing the muffin cup, meters [m], d
Reaction time, seconds [s], t
Method for controlling variables:
Air resistance will be controlled by having the same shape of the muffin cup for all tests. If this variable would not be controlled the time taken for the muffin cup to reach the floor would be affected dependent on the shape differences.

The distance of releasing the muffin cup will be controlled by releasing the muffin cup from the same spot/distance for all times. If the distance was not to be controlled and different distances were used during the investigation the time differences would be incorrect and no true pattern would be shown.

The reaction time will be controlled by releasing the muffin cup about 0.2m above the 2m limit and then start the time as the muffin cup passes the 2m limit which will be marked, with a tape piece on the wall for instance. If this is not done the reaction time might be affected, that is when the stopwatch will be started to record the time of the fall and if we release it from 2m and start the stopwatch at the same time the muffin cup will fall a few centimeters before the stopwatch is started and the calculations of the will be incorrect. Diagram 1

Diagram 1 shows the setup of this investigation.

Muffin cups (of the same size)
Ruler ( 2m long)
Stool ( if needed, depending on your height)
Measure a height of 2 meters against a wall and mark the spot with a tape piece.
Weigh the muffin cup and record that weight.
Place the stool so that you are in eye height with the marked spot and hold the muffin cup about 0.3m above the line and release it from...
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