(Physics Force for Lawn Beautification)

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(Physics force for lawn beautification)

Community based physics activity

(Physics force for lawn beautification)

In partial fulfillment in Physics for health science

Submitted to; Mrs. Susan Matipo, PhD.

Submitted by:
Romulo Garrote
Mayrose Balintona
Rizel Gamurot
Liezel Bucao
Rosario Ambala
Melody Bago
Edmar Luban


As we think of physic, we always associate it with problem solving, formulas and performing mathematical theorems. But come to think of it, physics is not only solving equations but it offers more. A science course such as physics will help us to expand our already considerable knowledge of the phenomena of nature. There are many different things in the world around us that seem so simple, but as we learn more about them, more unanswered question spring in our minds. And in here, we realized that we cannot dissociate ourselves from the world of physics. As we look around us, from observing the sky, the materials, and gadgets we use, houses, bridges, ways of transportations such as cars and everything we see, hear or feel has some link with physics. When it’s dark in our home, we switch on the light, and when we want to watch TV programs, we switch on the TV. How do all these happen? When we read newspaper or books and we learned about inventions, gadgets, nuclear bombs and many more. All of these examples are usual sight or activities everywhere and yet so many of us, even those who have gone to school, hardly realize that all of them can be explained by physics and physical laws. Physics is the basis of technology. The simplest appliance at home was made by using natural laws of physics. For instance the can opener is actually a lever which makes us exert less effort to open a can. The washing machine, rice cooker, steamer and others which serve so much of our time is a product of the technological use of other physical laws. For us to emphasize more, that physics is important to our lives and to give value of physic as as part of health science, we the mystic force sight a problem around our school. And we tried to solve it with the used of physic concept. We were able to locate site that can be repaired and it is the lawn of the kiosk. Finding a problem is really a problem especially when we saw it first. The place was not good to stay at, plants, pots and stones were disarranging, and the fence is rusty. So we plan to do some makeover on the lawn. It’s not easy since we lacked budget that caused the shortage of the material used. However we were able to make it.

To improve the lawn of the kiosk
To apply the different physics concepts in improving the kiosk •To value physics as a part of Health Science in our daily activities III. PHYSICS CONCEPTS TO DISCUSS:
For us to fulfill our designated task we use different physic concepts that really help a lot in accomplishing our project. At first, we have no idea what physics concept we will use in working. But because were given this physic subject we were able to learn about it.

The first concept we used were:
a)ENERGY- with our energy it enables us to do work.
b)FORCE- our force influence objects to move from different direction, perfect example of applying force in our project was that, when we rearrange the pots, carry the big branches of wood and arrange it in the lawn, we also carry the steel fence. c)SPEED- speed was also used in our project, it measure how fast we can work, we use speed in sawing bamboos, making fences, painting and other.


2 hammer
2’ and 1’ nails- ¼
10 hollow blocks
1 bag of cement
2 paints –sky blue
2 paint brush
1 bottle of thinner
1 saw
1 trowel
1 shovel
3 bolos
Woods for fence

We plan to improve the fences of the kiosk
We plan to arrange the scattered stones
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