Physics for Future Presidents by Richard A. Muller: Review

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  • Published : October 31, 2011
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Physics for Future Presidents is an admirable piece of literature that was written by Richard A. Muller an intellectual professor of the Department of Physics at the University of California, Berkeley. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts at Columbia University and PhD in physics at the University of California. He received awards and honors such as the National Science Foundation Award and the Distinguish Teaching Award, UC Berkeley. In addition to receiving memorable prizes, “Muller is considering a legendary professor whose life mission is to explain current world issues using physics to support his ideals. As the result he has understood the ice ages to the latest terrorist threat facing homelands to the complexities of global warming to the very origins of the universe” (Leigh Bureau). Muller’s purpose while writing this book is to create a thought in the readers mind that science is an indispensable topic that has to do with current world issues such as terrorist, airports security, energy and nuclear issues. The viewpoint of the author is how physics can be use as a helpful tool to create well-prepared leaders that need to understand current world issues. Muller has also written several books The Instant Physics and Ice Ages and Astronomical Causes. Others have confirmed that Muller’s work is grandiose, in his show, Glenn Beck commented, “I have read your book. It is fantastic. Everybody should read this book if you are interested in science at all and you're interested in the future." The evidence of his thesis is the relationship between each situation he described with current world issues that are remarkable important nowadays. He used oil, radioactivity, solar power, and terrorism as examples to highlight that physics has to be indispensable for future presidents. “Muller’s breezy style which reads much like the college lectures upon which the book is based handily deconstructs myths and illuminates the underlying science” (Mark Mills). One can...
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