Physics Experiment Linear Motion

Topics: Classical mechanics, Newton's laws of motion, Mass Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: January 22, 2013
To verify Newton’s Second Law of Motion with the use of state-of-the-art devices II.Materials and Equipment:
2.2 m Track- 1 pc
Plunger Cart- 1pc
Super pulley with clamp – 1pc
.500gram mass- 1pc
Stopwatch1- 1pc
Block ( to act as bumper)- 1pc
Beam Balance- 1 unit
String – 2m long
Set of Weights-1 set

III.Data and Results

Cart MassHanging MassTrial1Trial2Trial3Trial4Trial5Average Time 512g13g2.16s2.15s2.06s2.0s2.1s2.09s

Cart MassAcceleration(m1+m2)aFNET=m2g%Error


The more force we apply on an object, the faster an object goes. •The more mass an object has, the more difficult it is to change its state of motion. •Though the second attempt has more mass, it still has the same acceleration as the first one. •Air resistance from ceiling fan also affects the force to an object.


We therefore conclude that when the force applied to the object increased, the acceleration also increased, and that the mass of an object is inversely proportional to acceleration. We also conclude that the mass in the cart affects the force within it as it moves towards one of the road block. Also the friction between the cart and the track affects the force and acceleration. When the cart has a large amount of mass, then the cart will slowly move towards the road block but when the hanger has a large amount of mass in it then it will make the cart accelerate faster.

VI. Questions and Problems:
1.Did the results of this experiment verify that F = ma?
-Yes, because the net force is directly proportional to mass and acceleration. Also as we see in the experiment, the mass will help the cart accelerate faster if it has a small amount of mass but if the mass on the cart is large then it will make the cart to move slowly.

2.Why must the mass in F...
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