Physics: Energy Lost... Energy Gained

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Foster 1
Jason Foster
Mr. Miller
Physics 5
March 20, 2013
Energy Lost . . . Energy Saved . . .

My family and many others have been tricked by the media. We have probably all – at one time or another – been succored into to buying an appliance or electrical device based off whether it’s the cheapest one. By doing this you have been fooled by society! Your purchase should not be based on price, but by how much energy the appliance consumes. The appliance might be cheaper, but it mostly likely uses a considerably larger amount of energy than the more expensive energy efficient appliance. Your electric bill is based off the amount of energy used in a certain period of time. I then found a specific light in my home that we use the most (13hr), and calculated the amount energy it would use yearly. I compared our light to a more energy efficient light bulb, and found astonishing results.

|Household Incandescent Light Bulb |EcoSmart Light Bulb | |60W 120V .5A |14W 120V .12A | |Kilowatts x the Amount of Hours = kWh |Kilowatts x the Amount of Hours = kWh | | | | |.06kW x 4,860hr. = 280.8kWh |.014kW x 4,860hr. = 65.52kWh | |The Power Company Charges .08 cents |The Power Company Charges .08 cents | | | | |280.8kWh x .08 cents = 22.46 dollars yearly |65.52kWh x .08 cents = 5.24 dollars yearly |...
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