Physics Assignment for Class Xi

Topics: Density, Water, Liquid Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Physics assignment :: XI
1.A vertical U tube of uniform cross section contains mercury in both of its arms. A glycerine (d = 1.3 g/cm3) column of length 10cm is introduced into one of the arms. Oil of density 0.8g/cm3 is poured in the other arm until the upper surfaces of the oil and glycerine are in the same horizontal level. Find the length of oil column. Density of mercury is 13.6 g/cm3. (9.6cm)

2.Two communicating cylindrical tubes contain mercury. The diameter of one vessel is four times larger than the diameter of the other. A column of water of height 70cm is poured into the narrow vessel. How much will the mercury level rise in the other vessel and how much will it sink in the narrow one? How much will the mercury level rise in the narrow vessel, if a column of water of the same height is poured into the broad vessel? (0.3cm, 4.8cm) (4.8cm, 0.3 cm)

3.In a simple hydraulic press, the cross sectional area of the two cylinders are 5 ( 10-4m2 and 10-2m2 respectively. A force of 20 N is applied at the small plunger. a)What is the pressure produced in the cylinders? (40000 N/M2) b)What is the thrust exerted on the large plunger? (400 N) c)How much work is done by the operator, if the smaller plunger moves down 0.1 m? (2J) 4.In a given U-tube open at left end and closed at right end, if the pressure above the liquid in the right arm is p, find the value of p. Given d2 = 2 x 13.6 g/cm3 d1 = 13.6 g/cm3. Atmospheric pressure pa = 76 cm of Hg.

5.What will be the length of mercury column in a barometer tube when the atmospheric pressure is 75 cm of mercury and the tube is inclined at an angle of 60° with the horizontal direction? (86.6cm) 6.A U-tube in which the cross sectional area of the limb on the left is one third of the limb on the right contains mercury (density 13.6 g/cm3). The level of mercury in the narrow limb extends to a distance of 30 cm from the upper end of the...
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