Physics and Technology

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To answer this question, we must understand the role of physics and engineering. The reader must forgive the gross oversimplification in the following descriptions - the purpose of this answer is to provide only the broadest of understandings of the disciplines involved. .

Physics is the science of modelling the universe around us, and then examining and manipulating those models so that we better understand how the universe works. For example, physics has a conceptual and mathematical model for gravity that lets us predict at what velocity a body must travel to remain in orbit around the earth at a given altitude in space. The model also tells us what will happen to the orbital parameters should the orbiting body speed up or slow down, and thus lets us accurately answer "what if" questions about the real universe using only our model. Engineering is the discipline of applying physics models to the real world in order to accomplish a desired result. Engineers build rockets and satellites based on the principles of physics, and by doing so, are able to launch a satellite into a stable orbit. By successively refining the processes by which they translate models of physics into real-world applications, engineers can progressively make more effective, more efficient, and safer rockets and satellites, even while the physical models remain constant. .

Technology is the by-product, or perhaps the result of physics and engineering. Technology is the resulting rocket, propellant, satellite, microcircuit, and so on. Only through engineering could those technological products have been developed, and only through physics could the engineers have understood how to begin to develop them. .

So we can see physics is very important to technology, because without it, we would lack the understanding we require about our universe to eventually develop technology.

Technology is everything that people invent or design to improve life from the old inventions and to lead...
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