Physics and Culture

Topics: Anthropology, Sociology, Karl Marx Pages: 2 (371 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Question Choices: Paper No. 1

Choice No. 1: How do Sahlins and Obeyesekere differ in their interpretations of the death of Captain Cook? What are the broader theoretical implications of their differing interpretations? Choice No. 2: Karl Marx and Emilie Durkheim both wrote about the division of labor in society. How do their understandings of the division of labor differ? How does the issue of the division of labor relate to other key ideas in their writings? Choice No. 3: Why did Franz Boas have a problem with the theory of uniform evolution? What do you see as the problem with evolutionist theory? Which parts of Tylor and Morgan’s arguments seem compelling? What did they contribute to anthropological thinking, in spite of their flaws? REQUIREMENTS

Choose 1 out of the 3 choices.
The paper should be between no more than 4 pages, double-spaced. •Use English.
Proper citations. Please give reference information for ANYTHING you did not think of or write yourself. For example, if you are citing from Visions of Culture, the citation should look like this: (Moore, pg. 3). If you are using an original quote cited in Visions of Culture, the citation should look like this: (Morgan as quoted by Moore, pg. 9). If you are using an original quote cited in a PowerPoint, the citation should look like this: (Morgan as quoted in lecture 2/19). If you are using an original quote from an original text, your citation will look something like this: (Durkheim, pg. 75). •Reference list/bibliography.

Please submit your paper to VeriGuide. Assignments without a signed declaration from VeriGuide will not be graded: •Submit a hard copy, stapled to your signed declaration, to the main office of the anthropology department on February 25, by 12:00 p.m. (noon). A STRONG PAPER WILL:

Demonstrate original thinking – i.e. the ability to “connect the dots” in your own way. •Ground the discussion in concrete...
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