Physics: Acids and Bases are Everywhere

Topics: Acid, PH, PH indicator Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Every solution has either has an acid or basic trait. The acid or basic trait in a solution are called pH level. pH is a scale that is used to determine if solution is acidic ,basic, or neutral. During Living Environment class, we conducted a experiment that allowed us to measure the pH levels of 3 solutions. We were split into groups and each person had to bring a household solution from around the house. There certain materials that were needed to conduct the experiment .The following materials are litmus papers, pH paper, pH indicator, a sheet of paper towel and a dropper. The household solutions that my group brought were nail polish remover, vinegar, and water. Then we would lay the three litmus papers and three pH papers space them away from each other. After that, a person my group would take the dropper and put drops of each solution on the three litmus papers and the three pH papers. There are solutions which have the property of changing their color when they come in contact with an acidic or basic environment. An example of this was vinegar, when it contact the litmus and the pH paper, it became red. Then ,we check the pH indicator and find out that vinegar was acidic on both paper ,also , that the pH level was 2.4.Also the same thing happen with the water and nail polish remover. The color it became when it contact the paper was dark blue, which is basic ,and the pH level is 10.9. The water turn green on the litmus and pH paper when it contact the paper, which is neutral, and the pH level is 7. With these experiments, you saw that there are acid substances , basic substances, and, neutral substances. All solutions are one of these . Finding the pH level is an easy and educational process.
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