Physicoex 8.0 Respiratory Lab

Topics: Pregnancy, Allele Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Samantha Stone
Sometimes it is All in the Genes
Part 1 “The Genetic Test”

1. Nancy might want to know her results for cystic fibrosis because she is pregnant is second tri-mester so Nancy would need to know all her possibilities of health risks for her and what shed need to expect. But at the same time Nancy knowing causing un needed stress on her and her fetus, since there would be nothing she could do to stop or help her baby. 2. Dr. Kwin I don’t think was completely correct considering if she happened to carry the recessive trait and give her child CF, Nancy then would have a lot more on her plate shed need to deal with. 3. Yes, I think Dr. Kwin provided all the essential information he could have. He let Nancy know that she was correct that shoe couldn’t have caught or now get the disease but simply explain how it does happen if she was a carrier of a mutant CF carrier. And then if she was a carrier what the possibilities were for her child to catch CF would be. 4. Yes, Nancy should consent to the blood test. She needs to know and be able to prepare her self in case she is a carrier. So she can take the next steps to see if her unborn child is at risk, or has CF.

Part 2 “Sharing the Bad News”

1. Nancy’s genetic make up with the information given that she is a carrier she would have (Ff) or in terns that she is a female it’d be XF, Xf. 2. The chance Nancy will pass on her recessive allele to her baby would be 50%. 3. The chance that Jake would pass on his recessive allele would again be 50% 4. The baby ahs a 75% chance now of getting CF since both the parents are carriers. If parents decided on having more babies they would still have a 75% chance of getting CF. But if Nancy was only a carrier the baby would have a 50% chance of getting CF.

Part 3 “The Decisions Become Tougher”

1. The CFTR mutated genes will create defective or no protein with result of the not enough chloride will move out of the cells resulting...
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