Physician Assisted Suicide

Topics: Death, Suffering, Medicine Pages: 4 (1180 words) Published: April 15, 2012
1. Imagine yourself lying in bed in constant pain, not even physically able to stand up or roll yourself over. Now imagine living through that agonizing pain every day for months. That is the sad reality of many terminally ill patients around the US, as well as the world.

1. Problem:
Physician assisted suicide is a controversial and currently illegal practice within most of the United States, excluding Oregon,Washington and Montana. Though it may not seem immediately important to you now, you never know when someone you love will be in a position in which this may apply. For me, it was my mother who had a massive stroke on Christmas day 2011 and my father who died of liver cancer in 2006. Aside from being a child to paretnts of terminally ill patients, 6 of the 11 years I have been a nurse, I have worked for Hospice of Miami County assiting terminally ill patients on a daily basis. many people with a terminal illness become weak and start to degenerate. There comes a point in their life when, even with the maximum amount of pain killers and sedatives, the pain becomes too much for them to bare. Sadly at this point they are often to physically unwell to do anything about it themselves. Why Would Anyone Consider -Assisted Suicide? (Change slide) It’s a scenario I see all too often; a chronically ill man is suffering in pain and feels like he’s become a burden to his family; a lonely widow is suffering with a life-limiting illness and has no one to offer care and support to her. They've lost their independence and feel like they have no quality of life. We have made great strides in improving end-of-life care through palliative care and hospice programs, but sometimes it's just not enough. The care we offer our elderly and chronically ill in America is still less than ideal. An estimated 40-70% of patients die in pain, another 50-60% die feeling short-of-breath; 90% of nursing homes, where patients go to receive 24 hour nursing care, are gravely...
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