Physician Assisted Suicide

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  • Published : April 11, 2009
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Physician Assisted Suicide outline

I. Introduction
A. Should physicians be allowed to help terminally ill patients end their lives? II. Arguments for helping the terminally ill end their lives. A. They will no longer be suffering in pain

B. They will have some quality of life in the end.
C. They get to pass peacefully and will be able to say good bye to their families. III. Counter arguments for helping the terminally ill
A. Religion and society see any form of suicide as a sin. B. Physicians would violate the Hippocratic Oath.
C. Families would lose their loved one very early.
IV. Conclusion
In conclusion, physicians should be allowed to help the terminally ill. Patients that are terminally ill will suffer terribly at the end of their life. They deserve to die with some dignity

Physician Assisted Suicide

Should a person with a terminal illness be allowed to die with dignity and take their own life with the help of a medical doctor? The right to die is being able to take one’s life in a painless way with assistance from a medical doctor when that person has a terminal illness. When you are dying from an illness such as cancer, end stage kidney disease, end stage heart failure, and so on, ending your life in a painless manner with professional assistance is a very dignified way to die. In our society there are many debates being brought about by this subject.

This decision is a very important and painful decision to make. Families can feel hurt and betrayed when their loved ones decide to end their life. When a person is dying of cancer and they are in the end stages of the disease they have no quality of life and they suffer terribly in pain. What family members need to understand is that this is no way to live the rest of the life they have. For someone who is dying they feel like...
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