Physician Assistant to Dermatology

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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CGS-1000-Introduction to Computers-Final Project
Physician Assistant to Dermatology

Becoming a Physician Assistant to Dermatology has many perks when it comes to salary even though there is a tremendous amount of training one would have to go through to achieve such perks. Hardware and software must be purchased to go through the journey of becoming a physician assistant to dermatology with a side of good old hard work. The many different fields or specializations for a physician assistant vary and salary depends upon which specialization is chosen.

I want to be a physician assistant in dermatology. In order to get into a physician assistant program I will need to have completed a bachelors degree in any Major as long as I have the necessary pre-requisites. Once I am done with my undergraduate degree I can start on my graduate degree as a Physician Assistant. The PA curriculum averages 26 months where the first year includes academic instruction in medical and behavioral sciences. The second year includes intense clinical rotations in areas such as family medicine, psychiatry, and pediatrics. These rotations will give me hands-on experiences that will prepare me for patients in a medical environment. Following my clinical rotations I can look into specializing in Dermatology (Arnold, 2008).

Throughout my education I will be required to have a computer. My computer can be either a laptop, desktop, or ipad. If I choose a PC it has to have the following: a 2GHz-Dual Core Processor with 4 GB of RAM. It will need to have at least a 200GB Hard Drive and a 24X DVD-ROM/DVD-RW Optical Drive as well as a 8GB USB Flash Drive. It would have to have a Windows 7 OS and at least a 120 GB for backup storage. If I were to choose a Mac it has to have the following: a 2.4 GHz Duo Processor with 2 GB of RAM. It will need to have at least a 250GB Hard Drive and a SuperDrive for an Optical Drive as well as a 8GB USB Flash Drive. It would have to have...
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