Physician and Hippocratic Corpus Hippocrates

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  • Published : April 16, 2011
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Hippocrates’ Influence and the True Authors of the Hippocratic Corpus Hippocrates is most commonly known as “the father of western medicine.” Because he lived so long ago, it is not exactly clear when he was born and when he died. The best estimates are that he was born around 460 BCE and died around 370 BCE. He lived during the Greek Golden Age, which had influence on his prosperity in medicine. It is believed that he was born on the Island of Cos, where he later taught medicine. During Hippocrates’ life, Cos was particularly famous for its medical school. He studied under his father, Heraclides, who was also a physician. It is believed that his Grandfather was a physician as well. Giving that both his father and grandfather were physicians, this helps explain the outcome of Hippocrates life and why he was interested in medicine. There is much doubt that all of the Hippocratic writings were actually written by Hippocrates himself. Some say that his father, grandfather could have written some of them. Most experts believe that his followers and students have written many of them. In the primary and secondary sources, there seems to be a constant theme that is repeated over and over again. This theme is that Hippocrates did not write all of the Hippocratic writings. One to pick out of the Hippocratic writings would be his most famous, The Hippocratic Oath. There is some evidence that points toward the idea that it was not really him that wrote it. The main reason for this belief is that The Hippocratic Oath has religious background in it. Hippocrates is particularly known for the denial of religious influence in medicine. Before Hippocrates time, practitioners would use spiritual healings based on magic and ritual. Hippocrates based medical practice purely on rational thought through the use of observation and reason. This point is also repeated through primary and secondary sources. Hippocrates was the first to denounce the ideas of myth and...
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