Physical Therapy

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The major that I will be going into in the next four years is Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy is basically a health care profession, that provides therapy for those who have been injured, have a physical disability or for those who are experiencing minor pains in their body. I chose to get into Physical Therapy for many different reasons. I first thought of being a Physical Therapist when I realized that I was a hands on type of person, meaning that I like to work while being active. I then discovered that a lot of Physical Therapists work for college and professional sport teams and that to me was very exciting considering I want to play in the NFL one day. For the past year I have been interested in becoming a Physical Therapist. Everyone that I have talked to about my decision on choosing this field has been very supportive and has said that it is perfect for me. There are many different courses you must take to become a Physical Therapist such as, Biology, health sciences, kinesiology and ATC. Hearing from past students that were involved in the Physical Therapy field, they have told me that it takes a lot of hard work to really advance in the field. A major assignment when you’re entering the Physical Therapy field is learning the human body and a project that involves learning the human body is having to observe a diseased body. This project will benefit me in the field because it gives me a broad look on the way the human body is and looks inside. Being that you have to know the muscular system and the skeletal system, observing a body will let you take a deeper look into how the body looks and will teach you everything you need to know when you’re working with a live person. Being a Physical Therapist has really advanced throughout the years and therapists have now been considered doctors. Being a doctor is a very difficult thing to do, having to get your masters and then your working for your doctorates degree requires a lot of...
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