Physical Security Policy

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Physical Security Policy

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Physical Security Policy

1 Security of the building facilities

1 Physical entry controls

For the entry controls, all employees will have smart ID badges to enter and to leave the premises. These badges will allow the company to track employees that go in and out of the building as well as access to secure areas. Tracking employees’ entry and exit times could be beneficial in case there is internal theft (Merkow & Breithaupt,  2006). Smart Badges will also limit access of non-employees from entering any parts of the building that public is not allowed. For those that are visitors, visitor passes will be issued so these people can access limited areas that only the visitor passes will allow. An alarm system for all external doors and windows, external lighting and a fence around the perimeter of the property will be installed for perimeter control.

2 Security offices, rooms and facilities

There will be a dedicated security room with recording equipment within the building. The building will be equipped with video surveillance system and an alarm notification system. The security cameras and the alarm notification will have a set of personnel who will be notified in case of an emergency. The reception desk will be the main point of contact and route any emergency situation to the appropriate management personnel.

3 Isolated delivery and loading areas

Shipping and receiving will be in one location on the property. This area will be secured by cameras and will have management presence at all times. This facility is not a high risk facility, so there is not a reason to have more than a locked door, management presence, and security cameras.

2 Security of the information systems

1 Workplace protection

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