Physical Reacctive Patterns to Stress

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  • Published : December 6, 2011
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Physical Reactive Patters

1. Lack of appetite and vomiting: I feel this when I am undergoing any important phase of my life or exam dates are closing by. I can identify this change in my body and this relates to my fear of exams or serious evaluation. I can remind myself that this will only hamper my performance and worsen the situation. I should remind myself that exams are nothing to be feared rather I should appear in exams with the best physical condition for better results. 2. Unable to concentrate: I fell this when I am constantly observed by someone or when I have too many things to do such as facing time constrains. I can remind myself that I should take one thing at a time. Thinking about all the things at a time will not help to solve the problem rather it would make things worse. 3. Sleeping disorder: Whenever I have something important coming up the next day I feel an amount of discomfort and sleeping problem. I can not sleep properly; moreover I wake up every thirty minutes fearing that I will over sleep. It makes me exhausted when the actual time appears. I should remind myself that I am well prepared and I should get the proper sleep to better perform. 4. Excessive emotion and crying at small things: I am a very emotional person and I get much attached very quickly. I try to give my best and always except the same amount of attention. This hurts me at times and I become vulnerable. I should remind myself that life is not always fare and I should be prepared for hard times. I should remind myself that over expectation will not bring anything good so I should limit my expectations. 5. Lack of interest: This happens when I have too many things to do at the same time. I lose interest in most of them. I should remind myself that this is quiet normal in life as I am a married student. I should remind myself that I should make lists of things to do and assign specific time for each. I should make sure that I have to make a proper...
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